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Hard to Recycle Item Collection


The inspiration for this idea, and the effort that will follow, is in memory of Aubrey Bellas (3/19/1986 - 10/18/18). Her passion for our oceans sparked MPV to create a collection program that gathers hard to recycle items that would normally end up in landfills and oceans, and ships them to the proper organizations to be recycled. 

Hard To Recycl

Below are the items we collect.


Collections will be made the FIRST WEEK of each month for Daily Dog Walk Clients.

Vacation Clients please notify us via email before your visit or label items for pick-up.

**If you have items in separate categories that need to be collected, please keep separate as they go to two different places.

Category One: Printer Ink Cartridge + Small Electronics Collection (Planet Green Recycle)

  • Inkjet Cartridges (Please store used ink cartridges in grocery bags to prevent leakage, the bag will then be recycled)

  • Cell Phones/Pagers & Accessories

  • GPS & Radar Detectors

  • Mobile Hot Spots

  • Calculators

  • eBook Readers

  • iPods/MP3 Players

  • Digital/Video Cameras

  • PDAs

  • iPads/Tablets

  • Video Game Consoles & Handhelds

  • Video Games & Accessories

e-waste collection for pets

Category Two: Bags + Food Containers + Cork + Toiletry Items

hard to recycle food and grocery items
  • Paper + Plastic Grocery Bags (Any Brand)

  • Drycleaning Bags

  • Newspaper Sleeves

  • Food Grade Styrofoam (CLEAN Egg Cartons, Meat Trays)

  • Wine Corks

  • Containers As Specified: (EMPTY)

    • Toothpaste tubes 

    • Mouthwash Caps and Bottles

    • Dental Floss Containers

    • Toothbrushes

    • Deodorant Containers and Caps

    • Hand Lotion, Hair Gel & other SOFT plastic tubes

    • Lipstick, mascara, & other HARD plastic tubes 

    • Powder, Eye Shadow, and other plastic cosmetic cases.

All proceeds from Planet Green Recycling collection (e-waste) will be donated to Sweet Bear Rescue Farm.
These two collection categories are hopefully just the beginning. We would love to expand this program in the future as we believe that it is our responsibility to treat this planet with the utmost respect, and that ALL acts of mindfulness and kindness make a difference. 

*Interested in how to recycle other "hard to recycle items"?
   Check out the Asheville Greenworks website for an in depth guide. 

*Want to start a collection box at your office or local business to help raise
   money for Sweet Bear? 
    Grab a collection box and print an Informational Label here for easy reference on what can be collected. 

*Have a friend that doesn't live nearby that would like to help?
While category 2 food and grocery items can only be collected by Mountain Pet Valet from established clients,  category 1 e-waste listed above can be sent into Planet Green from anywhere in the US! Anyone can request a FREE shipping label by emailing MPV (title email: "Request Shipping Label") and proceeds from whatever they send in still goes to Sweet Bear Rescue! And they get to purge! It's a win, win!
(Note: the shipping labels will have MPV's info on them, it is not an error, it tells Planet Green which fundraising account it is for)

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