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Dog Walking Anchor


Looking for a reliable, professional dog walker in the Asheville area? Check out our Mountain Pet Valet dog walking services and see how we can work together to serve your furry friend.

We offer standard dog walks, as well as Enrichment/Behavior focused walks. See below to decide which is best for your pup!

From straightforward dog walking services to brushing up on skill learning with your pup, our professional dog walkers can do it all. Browse the differences between our visit types below.



What if your dog trainer, dog walker, and vacation pet sitter were all found in one place? Enrichment focused walks are a way to continue getting the behavioral help your pup needs, at a more affordable price. Once you and your pup have identified some areas that are challenging, and have come up with a plan with our Certified it's time to practice every week!  

If you have ever consulted with a Dog Trainer/Behaviorist, you know that skills are lost if they aren't repeatedly used. 

With our program, the lines of communication between you and your dog stay open, the skills remain fresh, and our team of professionals help carry the task of behavior maintenance. 

Dog Close Up

Nose Work

Getting your pup's nose engaged helps build confidence, stimulate the brain, and essentially can be more exhausting than physical exercise! 

Dog Running


Circuits are round after round of confidence building cues your pup can execute that are stimulating and challenging in that they require focus and reciprocity to be successful. 


Puzzle Toys

We build an individualized rotation of enriching puzzle toys to utilize at each visit. Each client has access to the MPV Toy Library so the pup can choose which toys they enjoy! 



Cannot say enough wonderful things about MPV. Not only have they been friendly, reliable, and professional dog walkers, but they are my go-to consults for behavior difficulties with my pups!


One of my dogs is particularly challenging and they haven’t given up on us, doing whatever they can to make his experience the best. They do daily walks for me, and I’ve even hired them for a week of overnights - worth every penny!! They are experts in their field and for those of us with difficult dogs, they provide a priceless service. Couldn’t recommend more strongly!!

Megan H.

Taking the dog for a walk

Let's Get Walking!

Need professional dog walking in the Asheville area for your best furry friend? Don't wait! Our slots fill up fast and we want to help you and your dog get the dog walks and visits you deserve.

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