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Behavior and Training

Pet Behavior and Training

We are the only premier pet sitting and dog walking company in our area that offers basic dog walk and pet sitting services, as well as focused services that center Animal Behavior and Training.

The value is unbeatable. We combine two areas of pet care that go hand in hand, and have seen wonderful results! See below for more details.

Behavior Focused Services


Exclusive Classes
$30 per person

All clients get 10% off online Pet Behavior Classes and consultations with our Animal Behaviorist and Trainer, Whitney Drake (Certified Professional Trainer).


CGC Cert. & Behavior Consultations
$75 per session

 We also provide Canine Good Citizen certification and affordable virtual behavior consultations for your feline and canine family members, when you are a client with MPV.

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Adoption Counseling
$75 per session

Adopting or adding a new pet to your family? Speaking to our Certified Professional Trainer to identify what your desires and needs are, as well as helping you to match with the pet that will fit with your family, is a fantastic service that can avoid heartache or disruptive personality clashes down the road. 

What if your dog walker, trainer, and vacation sitter where all the same business? Well now they are.....


Cannot say enough wonderful things about MPV. Not only have they been friendly, reliable, and professional dog walkers, but they are my go-to consults for behavior difficulties with my pups!


One of my dogs is particularly challenging and they haven’t given up on us, doing whatever they can to make his experience the best. They do daily walks for me, and I’ve even hired them for a week of overnights - worth every penny!! They are experts in their field and for those of us with difficult dogs, they provide a priceless service. Couldn’t recommend more strongly!!

Megan H.

Taking the dog for a walk

Let's Get to Work!

Need professional dog walking in the Asheville area for your best furry friend? Don't wait! Our slots fill up fast and we want to help you and your dog get the training and help you (and your pup) deserve! 

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