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Payments + Cancellations

From our client login portal and payment options, to cancellation policies and holiday bookings, learn our policies and processes here.



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Established clients enjoy 24/7 access to their portal to request services, make changes to information, view invoices, and get in touch with MPV.


Cancellations of Daily Dog Walks 

(and other recurring services)

'Recurring services' are services that occur again periodically and repeatedly AND are on an auto setup booking style with MPV.

Examples: Daily Dog Walk occurring every M-F midday, Pet Visit every Wednesday midday, Pet Taxi every Monday to play care midday.

**No deposit required at booking**

Cancellation                                        Amount due

Before the 20th of the month prior                  0

Over 48hrs notice                                       25%

48hrs - 24hrs ( " " )                                      50%

24hrs or less ( " " )                                       100%

Cancellations of Pet Visits, Overnights (and any other nonrecurring services) 

'Non Recurring services' are services booked occasionally or at irregular intervals without repeating consistency & are not on a recurring plan with MPV.

Examples: Vacation Pet Visits, Sporadic Pet Taxi, Sporadic or Standalone Pet Visits, Overnight Stays


**75% deposit due within 24 hours of booking**

Cancellation                                        Amount due

More than 7 days notice                             25%

Within 7 days ( " " )                                    50%

24hrs or less ( " " )                                      100%

Weather Policies

Our team's safety is of most importance to MPV. When roads are unsafe to drive on, if either MPV or a client cancels due to unsafe driving conditions, only the administration fee is due for services. 


We ensure your family is cared for, so you will already have a backup contact planned and on file with us. In the event of a weather cancellation, Mountain Pet Valet will first contact you to notify you and allow you to contact your emergency backup. If you are unreachable, we will get in touch directly with your families' emergency contact.

(Road safety determined at the discretion of MPV)


Every year MPV clients receive an email with the most current holiday policies and date ranges that make up a "holiday booking". General holiday booking policies below.

100% payment due at time of booking

$5 holiday fee added to each visit scheduled on a holiday

No refunds given for cancellations made within 14 days of holiday booking services

Clients with recurring services will NOT be automatically scheduled by MPV on a holiday, please reach out to request services for a holiday.

Holidays: 4th of July, Memorial Day, Christmas Eve & Day, Thanksgiving Day, New Years Eve/Day

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