We are a team of animal-loving pet sitting professionals in the Asheville area with experience across "standard" pets and rural animals and pets.




We are dedicated to giving your animals 100% devotion and care. With years of experience in the Veterinary and Rescue animal settings, we stand amongst some of the most qualified pet sitters and dog walkers in Asheville and the surrounding areas.

If an emergency arises, we have plenty of training and diverse knowledge on what to do. When pets need medications or special care, we're comfortable learning their needs and helping clients decide the best care plan for their furry family members. Established clients can take advantage of the security of insured sitters, who are dedicated to professionalism and have experienced (and continue to experience) work in the animal medical fields. 

But we're so much more than cat and dog sitters. Being raised in rural settings and being exposed to horses, peacocks, chickens, cows, goats, and more, means we generally know more than the average pet sitter about homesteads and farms. Snakes, rodents (we LOVE rats), and other fish or fowl are a case-by-case basis. Most importantly, Mountain Pet Valet will never claim to know more than we do - we're honest with our skillset and transparent about our background. That said, we're eager to learn new things and have new experiences.

If you have an "unusual" pet, don't hesitate to reach out. We'd love to answer any questions you may have!


"I had never hired pet sitters, but I realized from the first consultation (and the detailed questions they asked about each animal on the paperwork) that Jae and Aych were the clear choice. They are genuinely interested in knowing each pet, providing custom, quality care for all members of our menagerie and keeping them in their routines.


Our week vacation away was unbelievably carefree knowing that all the animals were being looked after by such capable and seasoned pet sitters who clearly love animals. Jae was great about sending daily updates and truly went beyond our expectations in looking after everyone-- dogs, cat and chickens. I can't imagine finding more quality pet care and feel incredibly lucky to have found them!! Thanks!!"





We love our Mountain Pet Valet team and know that each and every team member we have brings something unique and important to our small local business. Meet and learn more about our team below.


Jae Miller-Davidson

Pronouns: They/Them

Co-Owner & Pet-Sitter

Since I was a little one growing up in South Georgia, I knew my passion...animals. I didn't know how that would transpire quite yet, but I was certain I was here on Earth to care for creatures big and small.


Back then, I was trying to lure every stray on our dirt road in with hot dogs so I could pick the ticks off of them, or give them a bath with dish soap I would sneak from my mama's kitchen. As a teenager, I helped start an Animal Shelter in our small town (that still thrives today) and worked there every spare second I had. As an adult, I have enjoyed working as a Vet Tech/Surgery Tech, and in rescues, fostering for local shelters, prior to starting MPV in 2016.

I currently volunteer at Appalachian Wild, through MPV's program that commits 6+ volunteer hours each week to local animal non-profits. I serve as a Medical Intern, ensuring that wildlife in our area have a chance to heal and be released in wild spaces, here in Buncombe County. 

Creating MPV has given me the opportunity to raise the bar for pet care, for sitter/walker appreciation, as well as develop a business model that centers ethical practice and non-profit work. None of the above are easy lifts, however I know it will take more businesses like MPV to take our culture in a more compassionate and mindful direction for generations to come.



Aych Davidson

Pronouns: They/Them

Co-Owner & Pet-Sitter

It all began when I saw earthworms struggling in my driveway every time it rained when I was a child. This tugged on my heart and it became my mission to save as many of these little guys as I could. It wasn’t until I was older that I learned I couldn't possibly save all the animals of the world - but this sure didn’t stop me from trying! 


I’ve been fortunate enough to always have animal companions of my own, and to even find a life partner who shares this passion for all creatures! My previous work at an animal shelter allowed my love and knowledge of animals to grow exponentially! It was then that I became intrigued with not only how to fill the needs and desires of domestic pets, but also how invaluable it is to enrich their lives!


Since the field of animal care seems to be an ever-changing landscape, I am excited at how much I have learned over the years, and how much more I continue to learn and grow every day.

It's so exhilarating to wake up every day knowing that I will be doing something I love, and sharing that love with others!


Robin Landy

Pronouns: She/Her

Pet-Sitter & Office Manager

I've been an animal lover all my life, evidenced by countless childhood pictures of me snuggling one random cat or another. With about 10 years in the animal rescue field behind me, I've been lucky to have had a wide range of experiences working with animals of all shapes, sizes, ages, needs and demeanors.


Animals have taught me so many valuable lessons about strength, patience, trust, and, of course, love. The softest spot in my heart belongs to cats, but I adore critters of all shapes and sizes, particularly senior and shy dogs, wiggly pitties, rabbits, and anything with special needs.

I come to my interactions with animals with a particular interest and understanding of behavior and body language, and am always looking to learn more on the best ways to effectively relate and communicate with our 4-legged friends.

I share my home with a senior kitty named Finnegan aka Feegs, and through my years in shelter work, proudly helped thousands of homeless animals find their new homes. I am thrilled to be working with the Mountain Pet Valet family, and look forward to meeting you, too!


Alyce Householter

Pronouns: She/Her

Pet-Sitter & Dog Walker

Growing up in the cornfields of Illinois, nature and animals have always been a big part of my life. One of the best memories of my childhood was volunteering on a horse farm where I took riding lessons. I loved taking care of the horses, playing with all the barn kitties, and generally, just being outdoors and being dirty.


I was very lucky to be raised in a family where our pets were always part of the family; whether it was dogs, cats, guinea pigs, fish, or anything else! My family also spent a lot of time volunteering at the local animal shelter.


I carried all these experiences with me when I moved to Boston and worked as a dog walker and pet sitter for a combined 7 years. Being outside and working with animals every day is a joy, and part of me still can’t believe I get paid for it! I moved to Asheville in September 2018 and was very excited to start working in this field again, but in an even more beautiful setting! I am mother to a super cool orange Maine Coon cat, named Conan O’Brien, that I adopted from the MSPCA in Boston, almost 8 years ago, as well as a black and white cutie named Bernie I adopted from Mountain Pet Rescue. 


Nicole Mackin

Pronouns: She/Her

Pet-Sitter & Dog-Walker

Growing up in Cocoa Beach Florida, I always surrounded myself with nature and animals.


At a young age, I knew I had a passion to help, learn, and care for them. My best friends growing up were my dog and cat. Their companionship impacted my life so much I knew I wanted to eventually work with pets and their owners.


I have always enjoyed helping my local shelter with events and saying hello to every dog that strolled by. I am a strong advocate for animal rescue. I believe animals need our love and compassion just as much as we need theirs. Their vulnerability and willingness to be in relationship with us is one of the most special gifts we humans get to receive. 


My mission is to develop a strong background in companion animals care and health. I am excited to walk each dog, play with each cat, and cherish every moment! I look forward to meeting your pets (and you)!


Alli Conrod

Pronouns: She/Her

Pet-Sitter / Dog Walker. and Office Assistant

I previously worked with animals for several years as the Medical Coordinator at Blue Ridge Humane Society in Hendersonville, before joining the Mountain Pet Valet team.


I am Fear Free Certified and completed my graduate certificate in Shelter Medicine at University of Florida, in Gainesville, as well as being a Certified Veterinary Assistant.


I would describe my professional attributes with animals as humble and knowledgeable and have been pet sitting for over a decade, as the field of animal medicine and behavior has transformed tremendously.


I have 4 dogs and 4 cats of my own and am passionate about ensuring companion animals aren't just loved, but cared for and communicated with in the best ways possible.


Fawn Amber

Pronouns: She/Her

Pet-Sitter, Dog Walker

I have been lucky enough to live a life surrounded by animals.


My grandmother had an aviary in her backyard where I would spend a lot of time, making my childhood pet experiences. a little more diverse than the norm. I grew up taking care of birds, rabbits, fish, and, of course, cats and dogs.


When my family moved to Guam, the first thing I did was start volunteering at the one shelter on the island. It really helped me grow and understand the ins and outs of animals. I got to see them at their best and their worst and it inspired me to give them the best care possible. I was in and out of animal shelters volunteering until I became an adult and then was able to get a job at the local humane society. Working there allowed me to expand my skills and grow professionally in the world of Animal Welfare.


Scared and sick animals are my favorite to work with - there is no better feeling in the world then seeing them come out of their shells! Every day I look forward to spending time with animals and giving them as much as I can!


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