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Rest assured...when your pets are in our care, they are treated like OUR family. We may even snap some pics of our adventures or cuddle puddles to send to you! Our main priorities while with your pet are enrichment, TLC, exercise, and medication administration, if needed. What that means to us is minimal phone use and our undivided attention on your pets! 

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Daily Dog Walks/jogs



Work long hours and can't get home midday? Most companions find that increasing their dogs' active stimulation throughout the day promotes a more calm disposition when they return home from work. A tired pup is a happy pup! 


This service is great for any canine who lives the domestic life!  Remember looking forward to recess as a kid? Or a lunch break from work? Yes, it’s true, your dog feels similarly! It is our belief that exercise, stimulation, affection, and flat out FUN make for happier individuals and happier families!

This service is also a perfect fit for​:

  • ALL domestic canines

  • active puppies or dogs who seem to have endless amounts of energy 

  • potty training

  • elderly/special needs pets who can't be alone for extended times.


New puppies may not have the capacity to hold off until you return from work. Keeping them on a set potty schedule can help them acclimate faster to potty training, keeping EVERYONE happier! Haha!

Some adult dogs, for example, dogs bred for "working", seem to have tons of energy to expel. A part of caring for a dog with active needs is, you guessed it…EXERCISE! We would love to help your family stay happy and healthy together!

Dog walks are completely tailored to YOUR pet ranging from a slow meandor to a vigorous run! Everyone is a little different!

Daily dog walk package available!

Email us with any questions!





Getting out of town for a vacation or work? Have a few long day trips planned and need to leave your pets at home? The boss needs you to work a long shift here and there?

Mountain Pet Valet has exactly what you and your pets need! This service entails us checking on your pet(s) throughout the day in your own home. We usually recommend 1-2 visits per day for kitties and at least 2-4 visits per day for dogs. Email us about other pets. A major advantage of pet sitting, other than time saving, is that your pet(s) get to remain in their comfort zones, where the sights, smells, and noises are familiar, eliminating boarding stress. Avoiding the risk of illness that comes along with public boarding facilities is a plus! Pet sitting is especially great for those with special needs or anti-social dogs and cats.


We arrive early in the morning for feeding, potty walk, safety check, clean-up if needed and general TLC for everyone. For kitties, we scoop the litterbox and shower your feline with pets and snuggles! Our afternoon visit is around mid-day where we freshen water, take your pet(s) out, bring in mail, and any other pre-arranged tasks.  Afternoon socializing for a kitty may be spent brushing or playing. Evening visits consist of playtime and then the much anticipated dinner! Whether it be in a fenced in yard, on a leashed walk, or swatting a toy in the living room...your animal will definitely work up an appetite. The night is wrapped up with a tuck-in, kiss goodnight, and a safety check. We always make sure to space the visits so that there will never be more than 10-11 hours in between evening and morning walks. If you fear your pet can't make it that long, or just want to provide additional companionship, a fourth visit is strongly encouraged and happily added to the agenda. 

While you are away, we will gladly give your house an occupied appearance by rotating lights or blinds, rolling the trash cans to the curb, or grabbing the mail!  






In (Your)Home Pet Visits

Overnight Pet Sitting

Think your pals need a little more time spent and extra attention than daily pet visits? Our popular overnight service can be great for those who have larger families, special needs, or just want someone there overnight to feel more comfortable leaving town. 


It also may be more cost effective for people with more than 2 pets to use this service instead of taking your loved ones to boarding facilities and paying per pet. 


No matter the reason...we've gotcha covered! 


This service includes us being at your home from 6:30pm to 7am and also includes a free midday visit! (13+ hours) These times are just a minimum as we usually spend more time in the evening and morning with your family when scheduling allows. We find that animals really adapt well to your absence with overnight stays. We mimic their routine as closely as possible and are able to spend the time to give them plenty of undivided attention. 

Overnights book quickly! Give us a call to check availability! 

(rate increase for clients out of our 10 mile radius)

Dog Hikes

Ever notice how great it feels to have an active day full of movement? Humans and canines are very similar in that regard. Just as our bodies crave physical exertion and activity to stay physically AND mentally healthy, so do our canine companions! Not only does physical activity increase blood flow to cells and tissue in the body, it also helps regulate hormone levels which play an important role in how our companions interact and co-exist in our home environments with us. Destructive behaviors can greatly decrease with constructive outlets and time spent just being a dog!

 We have a great knowledge of trail safety and experience. Safety first, but as a close second....we love to have fun! We can't wait to sniff the fresh air with your buddy!

$50 per hike

(hike time is generally around 1.5hrs.)

Pet Taxi
Beep! Beep! Already have enough on your plate without adding vet/groomer visits to it? Established clients enjoy having a helping hand with getting their loved ones to and fro. Wherever your buddy needs to go...we will get them there, safely and securely!  *Fine Print: This service is not open to the public.*
House Sitting
Even if you don't own pets and are just going away, we can still help out! You may need daily visits to your home, or one or two a week. Examples of services included are watering indoor plants, switching blind positions, taking in mail, and rotating lights. 




Eco-Friendly Practices

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