Daily Dog Walks

Standard Dog Walk/Visit


These visits are structured to include potty time, water refresh, medication administration (if needed), and stimulation. They involve a LOT of love and companionship!

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Enrichment Focused Dog Walk/Visit (EFV)


Think of these visits as Brain Workouts or High Intensity Circuit Visits. These visits are structured in such a way that values enrichment and brain work. Each new client works with Jae or Aych at MPV to compile an uber stimulating visit where the MPV Team has the opportunity to do things such as (but not limited to):

- Practice Cues

- Confidence Building

- Challenge the Brain

- Challenge the Body

- Complete Homework from the pup's 

    Animal Trainer or Behaviorist

- Repetitive positive conditioning

- Counter conditioning

- Getting Puzzles/Toys ready for later

Read below and complete the quiz to begin formulating your pup's perfect visit!

Mixin' - It - Up!

We recommend a mix and match of the two visits above to ensure a good maintenance of your pup's skills and mental health. Knowing you have a super busy work week scheduled and won't have as much time for Scruffy? Schedule in an Enrichment Focused Visit or two! 

If you have ever consulted with a Dog Trainer/Behaviorist, you know that skills that aren't repeatedly used, are lost. Let us help you be the good Dog Carer you know you are!  

See below for a brief description of the types of EFV we offer, if one may be a good fit for your pup, complete the questionnaire below to begin the process of becoming an established client! 

Complete the form below to determine which EFV is best for your pup: (This form is for "Daily Visits" only - not vacation services)
Check the boxes of statements that would be true of your pup MOST of the time: (Two pups? Submit 2x)

Provide proof your pup was adopted from a local Animal Rescue and get 20% off your first booking! 

Nose Work

Getting your pup's nose engaged helps build confidence, stimulate the brain, and essentially can be more exhausting than physical exercise! 




Circuits are round after round of confidence building cues your pup can execute that are stimulating and challenging in that they require focus and reciprocity to be successful. 



Puzzle Toys

We build an individualized rotation of enriching puzzle toys to utilize at each visit. Each client has access to the MPV Toy Library so the pup can choose which toys they enjoy! 




Eco-Friendly Practices

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